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Packed food – our savior and source of great taste.

Life is a journey with no checkpoints, and everyone is busy with something or the other. Keeping a straight schedule with a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly difficult. People working full time jobs barely get to have proper meals, students in universities never have the usual three meals a day and make do with what is available. Ready-to-eat food and frozen food act like a life savior to a large number of people.

Why does one need packed food?

A healthy work and life balance is the way to a happy life, but often people are not able to maintain the same due to their busy lifestyles. With days starting early and ending beyond usual bedtime, people do not get enough nutrition, sleep, exercise, and more importantly, tasty food with nutrition. With moving times, easier and better solutions are coming out in almost every aspect of life, why not food as well. Further, many times people live away from home for long periods of time and are not able to get food reminding them of home. 

We, at Sigma, believe that everyone should experience great taste, get nutrition, and be able to buy the food easily, fitting into their busy lifestyles. Sigma binds taste and flavor into ready-to-eat packages which allow its consumers to get home made like food ready in a matter of minutes.

Frozen and Ready-to-eat food to the rescue

This industry is taking a turn and is moving towards it peak where frozen and packed food offers the most optimum way to get meals in this busy lifestyle. This range of food provides comfortable food options for anyone and everyone, may it be a workplace, university, or home. 

Research and surveys have shown that almost 79% of people living in urban and metropolitan cities now prefer having packed food over home-cooked meals. And, in homes where both of the parents are working they prefer having these meals for their children. It has become increasingly important for companies to provide nutritional and healthy food in the frozen and ready-to-eat foods department to ensure that proper needs are met for everyone.

Sigma has taken upon itself to work towards this and is providing a large range of packed food items and frozen foods with ready to eat capabilities. they provide meals which can be cooked in their packaging plates and are ready within minutes. Not only do they meet the needs of their consumers but they also take them back down the memory lane reminding them of home food.

Future of this industry

This industry of ready to eat food items frozen foods and packaged foods is one of those industries which has a great growth potential. Not only are there several cuisines and types of foods left to be experienced but it is one of those industries catering to the needs of almost everyone in the society.

Several people see packaged foods as a sign of bad healthy and high fats and oil. Sigma, offering a way out, is working towards providing healthier options and ensure the health of all their consumers.