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Best Premium Frozen Fish Balls with Fillings (CB火锅料理之爆浆包心丸)
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Established in 1978, De First Food Manufacturing (M) SdnBhd started a self-initiated food production factory, where the company specifically manufactured fish ball and bean curd products. Spearheaded by the Chong and Sen families, the joint-venture started in 2009. The Sen’s are experts in frozen food manufacturing meanwhile the Chong’s introduced high technology machineries and trading. The company sincerely believes that the degree of attitude solidifies the height of achievement while diligent efforts from servicing to production can cultivate a positive professional attitude. For decades integrity has become the core value of the company’s success, and De First upholds high moral standards in its daily operations to provide high efficient and quality services to respected partners. 

Today, their long years of endeavours are widely accredited by Malaysia’s key media outlets and government official affirmation, making De First proud and honoured. De First Food Manufacturing obtained ISO 22000:2005 and is recognised by the Malaysia Book of Records for their dedication to improving the food quality and food safety system. They have penetrated into more than 10 countries including Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, China and Macau. The company is also certified by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia for HACCP and GMP, and they are looking forward to upgrade their ISO 22000 certification to FSSC 22000 certification. De First Food has also invested greatly in establishment production facilities completely with stainless steel. Furthermore, they utilise an Purification Filter system to produce the safest food to ensure consumers can eat without hesitation. From raw material infrastructure, production line, to packing, De First has established an extensively strict quality control system that complies with food safety.


At De First, each product has their own unique character which comes in various shapes and colours. One of their celebrated products is the seafood series where products are made with premium quality ingredients. This gives consumers more choices and is more attractive for the children to consume the nutritious taste and flavour of the seafood series. For instance, the cheese is specially made to provide a taste so unique that can never be found in other brands. The products also contain high protein and nutrients which are beneficial for health.

The sea urchin flavoured ball brings a joyful of yellow and white colour combination. De First’s sea urchin flavoured stuffed fish ball is rich in protein, DHA, and EPA, and the company insisted on mixing superb quality fish into the core ingredients to perfect its tastiness. Their products come in Fishball series, Beancurd Series and a few others. The Fishball series include Salmon Fish Tofu (Flavoured), Sea Urchin Flavoured Ball, Cuttlefish Ball with Squid Ink, Fish Ball with Cheese and more. The Salmon Ball with Cheese dish has stretchy mozzarella cheese filling. All different layers are rich in protein and calcium. Another is fish role, a product of high quality Surimi, containing fish paste. As a delicate dish of safe consumption and wholesomeness, it is enriched with protein and various minerals. The Beancurd Series consists of Triangle Fish Bean Curd, Mini Fish Bean Curd, Jumbo Fish Bean Curd, Bean Curd King and more. 

Triangle Fish Bean Curd, for instance is a pre-cut triangular shape with a mildly sweetening taste. Besides that, there are other series of products mainly Fish Noodle, Vege Fish Cake, Five Spice Roll, Fish Vege Roll and Fish Dumpling and more. The Crab Stick Roll, which is a handmade roll of bean curd skin with delicious imitation crab stick wrapped inside, can be sliced into pieces to get one piece of smooth palatable delicacy after the other.

Packed food – our savior and source of great taste.